A Musician in a Room During a Pandemic

It's a musical time capsule.

When the pandemic shutdown began in March of 2020, John Wesley Seneca gathered a few pieces of not-so-cutting edge electronic music gear in a small room, slipped on the headphones and pressed "record." For months he would share his audio creations with just a handful of friends.

In 2022 I was made aware of this music by a family member. I contacted Wes and asked if he could send me a few examples- he sent me nearly three dozen MP3s! Wes would have been just as happy leaving these tracks to linger on his computer, but I was so intrigued that I asked him if I could curate (for lack of a better word) a group of them into an album.

Slip on your headphones and hear how one man got through the early months of the pandemic. The new album While Rome Burns comes your way in March of 2023.

-David Callow, Curator? Compiler? Producer?

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